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Duck Hunting - Cast and Blast

The Duck Hunting in Venice, Louisiana is now regarded as the last frontier of truly unbelievable locations for duck hunting. The beautiful Mississippi River Delta provides the perfect habitat to attract thousands of ducks back to the area year after year. The Delta provides a home to the largest number of species of ducks during November to January, which makes every hunt exciting -- you never know what you will be shooting at next. On a hunt in Venice, you will get the opportunity to bag Pintail, Wigeon, Gadwall, Green and Blue Winged Teal, Mottle Ducks, Mallards, Shovelers, Red Heads, Canvasbacks, and Scaup. You might also get a chance to get one of our more rare species down here which include Buffleheads, Ruddy Ducks, and Golden Eyes.
  • We can accomodate groups up to 10 hunters. 3 hunters or less per guide.
  • Overnight Lodging is available at the marina or at our private lodge.
  • A Lousiana Hunting License and all duck stamps are required.
  • You must provide your own shotgun and shells.
  • Most hunts are in groups of three including the guide.
  • Chest Waders are a must have.

Please call 985-960-1900 for pricing!

Click on thumbnail to enlarge.


Pintail and Gray Duck shot by the Scioneux crew.

3 Pintail 1 Shoveler.

Mixed bag.

Johnny Garcia with a nice pintail drake.

Gray, Mottle, Pair Pintail.

Pair of Pintail.

Flock of Pintails getting out of the decoys.

Pair of Gadwall Hens and Pintail Drakes.

Ed Wolfe Hunt--Widgeon, Gray, 1 Spoonie.

Mixed bag...Gray Duck, Widgeon, Pintail, Blue and Green-Wing Teal.

J.B. with a nice pintail shot.

Mr. Bill Spindler with 5 Gray Ducks.

Ken Krogstad with a pair of Widgeon and Gray Duck.

This year so far we have seen mostly Gray Ducks. They have been coming in flocks of 4-12.

Two Man Limit--11 Grays and 1 Widgeon.

Pair of Mottle Ducks and 5 Gray Ducks.

Opening Day-- Limit. All Gray Ducks--1 Wigeon.

Sly with his first retrieve.--Gray Duck

Pair of Gray Ducks--

Mr. Rodney Biles and his son with a limit of ducks. Great Job.

Dr. Guidry and his son Jordan with his first Pintail.

Pair of Pintail taken by Jeff. B. and Matt L.

Gray Duck.

Nice Pintail.

The Clay Group with a mixed bag.

Pair of Greenwings--

1st Pintail--This one is going on the wall.

Unusual for our area but this little female bufflehead came in with a group of Teal.

Pintail, Widgeon, and Teal.

Britan H. with a male and female Gadwall. These two came in with a group of 8.

Dutch retrieving a female pintail. First duck of the day.

Kevin Mcknight with 1 male pintail and 2 Grey Ducks half-way thru the hunt.

Sly with his first retrieve of the season. Female Gray Duck. Nov.9, 2008

Jeff B. holding a two man limit of duck including pintail, gray ducks, teal, and1 widgeon.

Scouting Trip----A hog feeding alongside the ducks on the edge of the pond.

Scouting Trip----Ducks and Geese. Season Starts in 4 days.

Scouting Trip- Ducks and Geese

Scouting Trip----Lots of Ducks and Geese

The Ravignac Crew. Teal, Gray Duck, Widgeon, and Spoonies.

Mr. Gillete from Minnesota with his first pintail.

Wilkenson Jr. with his first Pintail and a nice mess of ducks.

Rovig Family-Widgeon, Grays, and Pintail-

Nice Pintail-Rovig-

The Colosino family with a nice kill of Grays, Pintail, and Teal.

Matt Leland with his limit of ducks. Pintail, Teal, Mottle duck, and Gray Ducks.

Scott Verdin with a bag of ducks and geese.

This little lady got a red head drake and a canvasback drake.

The Joey Brandt gang with a nice mess of ducks. Greys, pintail, Widgeon, Mottle Ducks, and Teal.

Kevin M. and J.P. Solis opening morning limit. Greys, Mottles, Pintails and Teals

The pintail in Venice are unbelievable.

The Milam group with some beautiful Drake Pintail.

J. Burgoyne with red heads, canvasbacks, wideon, pintail, and teal.

Mallards, Teal, Widgeon, and Greys.

Pintail, widgeon, and a gadwall.

5 gadwall on a quick afternoon hunt.

Procter with a nice greenhead.

Procter bagged greenheads, gadwalls, pintail, widgeon, and redheads. This is the Venice Grand Slam when it comes to variety of ducks.

Mike with a nice limit of ducks.

The Coot Crew with a few of the ducks they shot.

K. Mcknight with his limit of ducks on opening morning. A mix of mottle ducks, widgeon, teal, pintail, grey duck, and widgeon.

The Don Nowell Group with their limit of teal.

Two man limit of Teal. 7 blue winged teal and 1 green winged teal.

Geese and Canvasback on this hot January morning.

Geese, green wing teal, ringneck, widgeon, and grey duck. Not bad for a quick hunt.

Mr. Tom Muller and son with a fine mess of ducks.

Green Head and a Pintail for this young man on a cold morning. Throw a few teal and widgeon on top of that and he had an awesome morning.

B.B., Jeff B. and D.M. with a mixed bag of greenheads, red heads, widgeon, and teal.

Kind of a slow morning but still a limit. Mottle ducks, grey ducks, teal, red heads, and one female pintail are pictured.

These were the first four ducks that came into our decoy spread. Red head, mottle duck, grey duck, and a pintail.

Billy Ray and John had a great time shooting these ducks and Dutch(the dog) had a great time retrieving them.

Gettin ready for the Pluckin!

Second day of Duck Hunting with Billy Ray and Co-Workers. They were looking to shoot some ducks and they found the right place.

A quick 1 man limit. These ducks were shot by Damon McKnight and retrieved by Dutch (dog in the picture). Plenty of ducks in Venice, La.

Female Ruddy

This is the picture of the Old Squaw. It was shot in the Pearl River WMA on Nov. 30th. 2002

Mixed Bag! Widgeon, Greys, and Teal.

Pictured are J.P. and ducks with their mixed bag of Widgeon, Greys, and Teal.

These ducks were shot by Ed Jones, his son, Fletcher, and Capt. Damon McKnight. They are all Gadwall and Green Winged Teal.

These are some of the ducks that were killed by Floyd and members of his group this morning. Slow morning but they still had some unlucky ducks flying.

A stealthy afternoon hunt produced these green heads, one mottle duck and one Grey duck. The total on the hunt was 5 bluewing teal, 2 greenheads, 2 mottle ducks, and 2 grey ducks. One short of a two-man limit.

Blue Wing Teal shot during Teal season.

Mike and friends with their limit of Greys, pintail, widgeon, and teal.

David Eller and Friend with a limit of ducks

The Walker Family with their limit of Pintail Drakes.

Little Walker with a female pintail and male widgeon.

Another limit of ducks-Day Two opening morning.

A mix of duck opening morning. Mostly Mottle Ducks.

Art B., Jeff B. and Kevin M. with a limit of a variety of ducks.

8 hunters and 48 ducks. Widgeon, Pintail, Greys, Teal, and Red Heads. With 5 Geese as well.

Amazing morning of duck and goose hunting. 45 snows and blues with ten ducks to throw in.