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Offshore Deep Sea Fishing Prices
Up to 6 anglers – includes Bait, Ice and Tackle.

39ft. Yellowfin – 1900.00 + Fuel (Fuel Avg. 600.00)

36ft. Yellowfin – 1700.00 + Fuel (Fuel avg. 500.00)

34ft. Freeman – 1700.00 + Fuel (Fuel Avg. 500.00)

Inshore Charter Fishing Prices
Includes (dead) Bait, Ice, and Tackle.

26′ Avenger Bay Boat & 25 Ft. Black Jack Bay ( 1-4 Anglers)

675.00 for Two Anglers

800.00 for Three Anglers

900.00 for Four Anglers

24′ Yellowfin Bay CE (1-3 Anglers)

675.00 for Two Anglers

775.00 for Three Anglers

Super Strike Charters