Venice, LA Charter Fishing Reports

Louisiana Offshore Fishing Report - June 2017

Louisiana Fishing Report - Venice, LA, June-2017. The offshore fishing has been excellent over the past month most days.  We are primarily targeting Yellowfin tuna and Red Snapper this time of year.  Tuna fishing, as always is a day by day fishery in the Northern GOM, so you never know for sure how the next day will go when fishing Tuna which has been the case this year as far as numbers are concerned. As we move out of June and into July, Yellowfin tuna will still be the prime target.   We will also have the opportunity  to catch Mahi-Mahi, Blue or White Marlin, Swordfish, Wahoo, Cobia, and Red Snapper.  These are the species that are the most abundant this time of year, and although the Mahi-Mahi really haven't show up in big numbers yet, we expect them to be here in July.  The grass-lines are forming up nicely, blue-water has not been very far offshore, so with these two combinations the rip lines should produce some very nice, and big fish this year. Day time Sword fishing is getting more and more popular in our area.  Mainly due to the amount of fish we have along the edges, but also because they are a big fish,  excellent eating, and not many people have caught one.  Avg. size is about 150lbs., but they do get over 300lbs, and can be a handful for the majority of anglers. We fish them on manual reels or we can fish them with electric reels.  We leave this up to the customer to decide.

Louisiana Inshore Fishing report - June 2017

The Venice, La. inshore fishing for Red Fish has been absolutely the best we have seen in years.  Right now there isn't really a reason we know of for sure, but unlike our last report in May, the river did come up a lot and we think it pushed the redfish in to clean pockets which made them easy pickings.  The limit is 5 per person between 16 and 27 inches, and we have been catching the limit very easily in no time, then catching and releasing as many as 40-50 some days, then on others up to 100 reds.  Most of them are between 16 and 22 inches, which are perfect eating size.  There are days that there is a good mix of reds between 16 and 30 inches so it makes it that much more fun for those who prefer the bigger fish. Now that we are getting towards the end of June the big Bull Reds are starting to show up at the end of the passes and along the beaches feeding on Mullet and Menhaden.  It will only get better as we move thru June and into July-August.  

Louisiana Inshore Fishing Report - May 2017 -

The Inshore fishing this year has been above average for sure. We have two things that have been in our favor so far. One is a lower river this year and the other is a lot of Speckled-Trout.Usually out of Venice, La. the red fish take the headlines, and this year has been very good for fishing redfish so far, but the speckled trout have seemed to be everywhere and anywhere. They are around the coastal islands including Breton and Gosier Island, they are also on the outside of the small channels leading into the Gulf from the river, and they are also in some of the ponds in the interior marsh. When you have this many trout around, your going to catch for sure. Most of the Trout have been coming off of live Shrimp, but artificial is producing fish equally as good most days. The VooDoo shrimp with a chartreuse tail has been very productive this year for both Trout and Reds. The Red Fishing as usual is as good as ever.

Venice, La. Fishing Report - May 2017

Louisiana Offshore Fishing Report for the Month of May 2017.The offshore fishing is as good as it gets this year. With the warmer weather we have had this year it has really made an impact on the amount of Tuna we have been catching. When the water stays warm the fish stay put.As we have moved through the Spring months the fishing has only gotten better and now that we are in early May we expect to see some incredible catches in Late Spring and Summer.The Yellowfin Tuna of all sizes have been hanging just out of the passes, some days as close as 15 miles offshore. Most of the Tuna at this distance has averaged between 25-50lbs. which is more than most people can handle in a days fishing trip. If we venture further out, weather permitting, then the fish have been larger around the 40-50 mile floaters