Tuna Fishing: Louisiana Fishing Report 2012-04-22 | Super Strike Charters

Tuna Fishing: Louisiana Fishing Report 2012-04-22

Every year you never really know what your going to get when it comes to fishing offshore, especially during the winter months. The weather can be downright brutal and keeps you at the dock most of the month (Feb. 2012) or it can be just the opposite with mild temperatures, not much wind and very enjoyable, out on the GOM(March 2012). Year after year it seems to bounce back and forth between Feb. and March as being the best weather month or fishing month. Well this year it was March for both, and as we continue into April the weather hasn’t been that bad but we are starting to see a few more windy days so far. The tuna fishing is still very good along with a few wahoo. The rip lines are forming up early this year and that is where most of the wahoo are coming from as well as some early spring dolphin.

It looks as if May is going to be this years June if the weather and fishing stay on the same track it is on now. So we are mainly catching Tuna at the floaters right now although some days they are in closer. A lot of the action should be on top-water plugs and live bait, and with the warmer water this year bait should be easy to find.

Amberjack, Cobia, and Mangrove Snapper will be our main targets around the shallow water rigs.

This is shaping up to be a very good year for offshore fishing with the much warmer than usual temps. so if you’re looking to get out and catch some fish you can’t go wrong right now.

I have attached a video from this past month with a lot of pictures of our customers catch along with Bob Caldwell bringing in about an 80lb. YFT, some decent shots of Yellow fin Tuna underwater that we caught and what you can barely make out in the end is a 300lb. Mako shark eating a Bonita that we threw out to him. We had him on for about 15 minutes and broke him off.

We are still running three boats. Two 32’ Twin Vees and a 33’ Freeman. All of them are perfect for fishing this area and we’ve got availability this month and next.