Wahoo and Tuna Fishing: Gulf Coast Fishing Report

Wahoo and Tuna Fishing: Venice, LA, Fishing Report from Super Strike Charters 2014-03-11

The fishing this year is about as good as it gets. Sure there are some tough days but for the most part it has been a great year. Although it has been one of the coldest years I can remember, the wind has really not been all that bad. So with very few windy days, fairly calm seas, and cooler days than we are use to the fishing really couldn’t have been much better. We got started early in January with Wahoo, which is usually the case. Wahoo first, followed by a mix of Wahoo and Tuna, then usually mostly Tuna, which is where we are now. This past weekend was the best tuna bite so far with a large concentration of Yellow fin tuna averaging about 80-100lbs. with a bunch of Black Fin tuna in between.

So really this has been a textbook winter fishing season down here in Venice.

Max “Tuna Killer” Miller who is 8 years old took part in the largest Tuna caught by us in March, which was about 155lbs. So, the Yellow fin, have shown up. Right now I think we are just approaching the peak of the Tuna bite on the Lump, and it should be very good from now thru the end of March. It could go into April but that changes from year to year. The Tuna are already out at the floaters, which is where we will be fishing for them most days during the month of April and May. We are approaching spring very fast and we will be looking forward to fishing Dorado as they will start to move in about mid-April. Around the shallower rigs we will be targeting Snapper, Cobia, and Grouper, as well.

Capt, Damon McKnight