Super Strike Charters Gulf Coast Fishing: Yellow Fin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

There was about a two-week span in February that the bigger Yellow Fin Tuna moved in and fortunately we were out there tuna fishing most of those days to take advantage of an incredible bite.

2016-03-13 Venice, LA Fishing Report

It has definitely been a very productive winter, and the fish seemed to cooperate for the most part every trip out. There are certain groups we take that always seem to have the best of luck. Some book early in the winter and others later but they always seem to hit it just right. There were a few unfortunate groups that missed it by a day or two but that is how it goes with offshore fishing. Then there are days that we don’t have anyone booked at all, the weather turns out to be flat calm and the fish are going nuts offshore.

One of the best days we had was with the Jeff Harris crew from Vernon, Al.

We put a 180#, 178#, 150#, and 100# in the boat, and we broke one off after an hour into the fight, so I am sure it was well over 150. We lucked out on the 178 and the 150 because the 178 came in tail wrapped 20 minutes into the fight, and the 150 ate two chunks at once and they were able to double team him and he was in the boat in 15 minutes. The guys had a little experience offshore fishing but days like that don’t happen often.

Most days resulted in 2 or 3 either just over 100lbs. or just under, a lot of Blackfin, A.J’s and a few Wahoo. Wahoo were here early in the year, then they kinda disappeared for a bit, they did show back up for a few days then went missing again, typical for wahoo.

So, for the remainder of this month and next, we will still be fishing Yellow fin Tuna and Black fin Tuna.

The tuna bite should still be very good as we move thru March and maybe taper off a little in April as we switch to fishing them further offshore. April can swing both ways for Tuna, some years it is excellent and others it is tough. But, the mahi mahi usually start to show up mid- April and sometimes save the day if the Tuna don’t cooperate. Around the rigs we will be catching all the usual species, AJ’s, Cobia, Mangroves, etc. We will be back at this week. We still have open days during the week and several weekends in late April.