Grouper Fishing in Venice, LA, with Super Strike Charters

Grouper Fishing Charters | Venice, LA

Grouper Fishing: (Seasonal) There are a variety of Grouper that we catch off of our coast around the rigs and wrecks.

The largest Grouper that we catch are Warsaw Grouper. They can grow to over 500lbs., although the more common size that is caught is 40-100lbs. They are a bottom fish and are usually caught using a weighted line fishing in 300-400ft of water. Bonita, small tuna, hardtails, or mullets are the bait of choice. Limit is one per boat.

Gag Grouper: Seasonal (July 1st-December 2nd) This is one of the more tasty grouper the GOM has to offer. The legal size limit is 22″ and range in size from 5 to 40lbs. Avg. size caught is 15lbs. We catch them on live bait, natural dead bait, or jigging. They are found in waters as shallow as 30ft. Up to 400ft. Most are caught while fishing for other species such as Red Snapper, Cobia, or Amberjack. They are fairly abundant in our area but have a very strict season and are subject to an in season closure if the quota is met early.

Scamp Grouper: This definitely one of the best eating fish in the Gulf. They are seasonal and can be retained starting April 1st thru December 31st. The limit is 4 per person 16″ or better. Avg. size caught is 10lbs. We mainly catch them on jigs or live bait, while fishing for Amberjack and Red Snapper.

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