Yellow Fin Tuna

Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing Charters | Venice, LA

Yellow fin Tuna | Offshore Fishing Seasons-- Venice, LA

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Charters out of  Venice, La. are more productive than any other fishery. Get ready for the best tuna fishing Louisiana has to offer!

There is no where along any coast of the United States that you can catch the size and numbers of Yellowfin Tuna that we do within a 1 hour boat ride. However, some days we catch them as close as 5 miles off the coast!

We fish for Yellowfin Tuna year round. The limit is 3 Yellowfin tuna at least 27″ in length per person per day.

The Techniques we use are chunking, live baiting, trolling, and casting top water poppers. Most of the Tuna fish roam in areas where the depths range from 250ft. all the way to 3000 ft. Although, most of the time they are targeted on the surface. It’s common to find them in schools around floating debris, oil rigs, or any other structures that provide some type of shelter.

Yellowfin tuna range in size from 27″ (6lbs.) all the way up to 200 plus lbs. During the months of January (late), February, March, late-September, and October we catch the big ones, this is when you have your best shot at catching one well over 180lbs., possibly over 200lbs.

Our largest Yellowfin caught to date is 222lbs. was brought in during February. The state record is 251lbs. was caught in October. B it’s always a good time to come tuna fishing in Louisiana!

Fish that can be caught using the same techniques and in the same spot are Black fin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi (seasonal), Wahoo (seasonal), Mako Sharks, Amberjack (seasonal), and Marlin (seasonal).

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