Super Strike Charters Gulf Coast Fishing Report

Louisiana Fishing – Venice, LA, January 2017

The offshore fishing so far this year has been right on schedule with most years.

The Wahoo made their appearance early on in January, and should remain in the area thru mid-March.

These are the big wahoo so when you do find them you’ve to be ready for the chaos that is soon to follow.  This time of year if you find one, you usually find all of them.  It is normal to triple or quad up on 65+lb. wahoo that scream drag and will make you think you are definitely going to spooled.  Not only are they a great sport fish to catch, their eating quality is excellent. Definitely a highly sought after fish this time of the year.

The Yellowfin Tuna have shown up as well.

As most species of fish and game react to weather, Tuna are definitely in tune to what is going on in the environment.  Most days from mid-January thru mid-March there is a whole lot more catching than fishing. The tuna are here in big numbers every year, however, weather is important.  The calmer days are usually the most productive fishing and easier on the angler, so that goes hand in hand with having a great day on the water. If the conditions aren’t the best, it is usually better to push the trip back or forward a day to better your chances of filling the box.

Larger Yellowfin start to show up in mid-February most years. So far this year we have had a mix of tuna which is usually the case in the early part of the season.  The avg. size as of this past Wednesday 1/25 is 70lbs.  However, on Tuesday there were some caught in the 140lb. Class.  By mid-February the avg. size should be about 120lbs. with usually a weeks worth of time producing all 150+lbers.  The big tuna action is about to happen, so if fishing down in Venice this year is on your to do list, it is time to book your trip and come on down.  There is also a mix of other species such as Amberjack, Mako Sharks, Black fin Tuna, Grouper, and Cobia to make up for a slow tuna bite some days.  We still have open dates for Feb. and March, you can mix it in with some inshore fishing.  Lodging is available as well.

Capt. Damon McKnight
Super Strike Charters