Venice, LA Charter Fishing Reports

Venice, La. Fishing Report - May 2017

Louisiana Offshore Fishing Report for the Month of May 2017.The offshore fishing is as good as it gets this year. With the warmer weather we have had this year it has really made an impact on the amount of Tuna we have been catching. When the water stays warm the fish stay put.As we have moved through the Spring months the fishing has only gotten better and now that we are in early May we expect to see some incredible catches in Late Spring and Summer.The Yellowfin Tuna of all sizes have been hanging just out of the passes, some days as close as 15 miles offshore. Most of the Tuna at this distance has averaged between 25-50lbs. which is more than most people can handle in a days fishing trip. If we venture further out, weather permitting, then the fish have been larger around the 40-50 mile floaters

Louisiana Offshore Fishing Report - January 2017

Louisiana Offshore Fishing - Venice, La.-January 2017 The offshore fishing so far this year has been right on schedule with most years. The Wahoo made there appearance early on in January, and should remain in the area thru mid-March. These are the big wahoo so when you do find them you've to be ready for the chaos that is soon to follow. This time of year if you find one, you usually find all of them. It is normal to triple or quad up on 65+lb. wahoo that scream drag and will make you think you are definitely going to spooled. Not only are they a great sport fish to catch, their eating quality is excellent. Definitely a highly sought after fish this time of the year.

Louisiana Inshore Fishing Report - -January 2017 --

Louisiana Red Fishing -- Venice, La. The inshore fishing so far this year has been excellent. This time of year we fish for slot reds (16-24 Inches) which are the most abundant size to fish for during the winter months. They are usually found in some of the shallow water ponds and anywhere that is holding a clean, warm, pocket of water. There is usually a mix of flounder and trout most days, along with a few Bull Reds. We mix it up with some bottom fishing and top water cork fishing. Some days either way is very productive.

Louisiana Fishing Report: Venice Inshore 9/5/2016

It is that time of the year again that the Bull Reds have moved inland from offshore depths to feed and menhaden and mullet. They are eating just about anything you cast out there and of course provide a ton of excitement during the strike and the fight. Speckled trout are still in all the usual holes and the flounder are showing up on the banks as well.. September and October are the two best months for catching Flounder.