Extended Stay


The benefits of booking a multi-day trip




This past week, the DeVaney Crew spent three days with us fishing both inshore and offshore.


They spent the first and last day offshore with Capt. Scott, Capt. Willy, Ashton, and Chaz. Their second day with spent inshore with Capt. Stephen and Capt. Bob.


The DeVaney Crew was able to witness the genius of our captains firsthand as they navigated them through the waters of Venice and helped them to reel in a large and diverse amount of fish.


An obvious benefit of booking a multiday trip is you don’t have to choose between a day inshore or offshore. You can do both and reel in some Redfish and Tuna.



We also offer houseboat lodging right on Venice Marina! Let us pick you up at your back door for your fishing trip!

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