A week of Swords!


Take a look at the the swords from last week, and give Cpt. Willy B. a big round of applause! 


Our Captain’s boundless knowledge of the seas, equipment, and fishing techniques have served our customers well! 


So, what can we tell you about fishing for swords during the day? 



1) Bait presentation is key. Swordfish have large eyes, and impeccable eyesight. They can detect bait in the deep from yards away, if it looks unappealing, they are going to avoid it! 


2) We Deep Drop (This requires a heavy weight) We catch our swords between 1000’-1500’.  Once that bait is rigged to perfection, it’s time to drop it deep. (Think deep drop offs along the continental shelf). 


Catching a Swordfish is considered one of an anglers most significant achievements, it requires a lot of work, and an experienced captain.


 If you’re looking to add a Sword to your list, give us a call!


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