Stay In(shore) With Us



The month of April has produced many things so far and great inshore fishing is one of them.





There are many benefits to booking an inshore trip with us. They are perfect for a smaller crew, certain inclement weather such as wind usually won't disrupt your trip, and the calming waters offer a peaceful and relaxing day of fishing. April up to this point has also produced some great days of inshore fishing.


Two crews really standout when it comes to great days of inshore fishing. The Kolodetsky Crew spent two days inshore with Capt. Bob Kenney and had to incredible hauls. On day 1 they were able to reel in 10 redfish, 5 flounders, sheepshead, croakers, and 3 freshwater catfish. They found similar success on day 2 they brought in 2 redfish and 44 sheepshead.


The Giles Crew who spent the day with Capt. Bob Kenney and Capt. Willy Bradford also had a fantastic day fishing inshore. They boated 38 speckled trouts and 2 redfish.


Led by the expertise of our captains, a day inshore could be exactly what you need. Its calm, its peaceful, and it could be exactly what you need to get over any midweek blues or just the normal stress of life.



We also offer houseboat lodging right on Venice Marina! Let us pick you up at your back door for your fishing trip!
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