Our Customers Have Been Filling The Boat When Inshore Fishing This Week!

When the Matt Rohrer Crew took their trip on February 29th, they were able to catch quite a few redfish! They also took an offshore trip with us the day before, February 28th, with Captain William Bradford and took home a 180lb yellowfin!

The Christopher Adams Crew also went out on February 29th. For their inshore trip, they were able to load up on slot reds and the crew looks like they had an incredible time on their trip!

We also have the Wallace Crew, who took their inshore trip on March 2nd. Captain Stephen Crews were able to help them catch their limit on slot reds, as well as one black drum weighing in at about twenty pounds!

If you would like to try your hand at inshore and book a trip for yourself, give us a call at (985) 640-0772 or visit our Online Booking section of our website!