The Halpain Crew Wanted to Take Advantage of the Amazing Fishing Possibilities Venice, Louisiana Has and Try Both Inshore and Offshore Fishing!

When the Halpain Crew set out for their first day of fishing with Capt. Alan Balladares, they decided they would give inshore fishing a shot. During this trip, they were able to fill the boat with sheepshead and reds! On their second day, the Halpain Crew tried their hand at offshore fishing and were able to come home with a handful of yellowfin tuna!

The Differences Between Inshore and Offshore Fishing

There are a number of variations between both inshore and offshore fishing and they are often seen as two completely different experiences!

The fish that you’re able to catch during an inshore fishing trip will be fairly consistent throughout the year, while with offshore fishing, you will find that specific species of fish are easier to catch during certain times of the year, and you can read more about the peak seasons of different fish species here ( 

During a charter with us, all of the equipment you will need is provided by us, but you will find that the equipment that you will use during an inshore and offshore trip will be very different from each other. Offshore fishing requires a larger boat, better radar and sonar devices and bigger tackle than with inshore fishing.

Experiencing Both Trips For Yourself

The best way to really understand how different inshore and offshore fishing are from each other is to experience them for yourself. Here at Super Strike Charters, we have all of the boats, captains and equipment you could need for going on either an inshore trip or an offshore trip, or even doing both! Give us a call today at (985) 640-0772 or visit the Online Booking section of our website to view all of the options we have available!

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