Inshore Fishing

Venice, La fishing offers some of the most incredible Red Fish, Speckled Trout and Flounder fishing there is.

The delta and coast line which is mostly Roseau Cane and Marsh surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, is home to an enormous population of Red Fish(drum). They come in all sizes depending on the area you fish, from Bull Reds 15lbs. plus all the way down to the smaller 16-20 inch reds which are excellent table fare. Not only are they great eating but they put up a fight that most anglers will not soon forget. In the same areas we also catch Speckled Trout, Flounder, Sheepshead, and Drum fish. Every once in a while the occasional green trout shows up as well. All months are excellent to fish inshore. The inlets, bays, and ponds that we fish are usually always calm and are protected from windy days most of the time, so your day on the water is very comfortable.

  • We can accommodate groups up to 4 anglers per boat, but 3 or less is ideal.
  • The day of fishing is usually about 8 hours, either casting artificial or natural bait under a cork or weight.
  • We fish from either a 24ft. Yellowfin Bay Boat or 25′ Black Jack Bay Boats that are perfect to fish our area.
  • You must provide your own food and drinks for the day.
  • We can accommodate large groups (30+ anglers).
  • Everyone 16 and older will need a La. Saltwater fishing license or a $10.00 charter pass (good for 3 days).
  • Live bait is available upon request at the market rate.
  • Fish cleaning and shipping is available at the Marina upon return.

PRICING For Inshore Charters:

$675.00 for up to two people per boat.

$800.00 for three people per boat.

$900.00 for four people per boat.

$975.00 for  five people per boat.
(5 per boat is for families with children under 10 only
and cannot separate the group to two boats).

Please call 985-960-1900 or you can use our website by clicking on the prices and reservations tab to book your trip!

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