Super Strike Charters Gulf Coast Fishing Report

Louisiana Fishing– VENICE, LA. Inshore Report for June 2017.

The Venice, La. inshore fishing for Red Fish has been absolutely the best we have seen in years.

Right now there isn’t really a reason we know of for sure, but unlike our last report in May, the river did come up a lot and we think it pushed the redfish in to clean pockets which made them easy pickings.  The limit is 5 per person between 16 and 27 inches, and we have been catching the limit very easily in no time, then catching and releasing as many as 40-50 some days, then on others up to 100 reds.  Most of them are between 16 and 22 inches, which are perfect eating size.  There are days that there is a good mix of reds between 16 and 30 inches so it makes it that much more fun for those who prefer the bigger fish.

Now that we are getting towards the end of June the big Bull Reds are starting to show up at the end of the passes and along the beaches feeding on Mullet and Menhaden.

It will only get better as we move thru June and into July-August.  The slot reds will still be here in different areas, but as the river drops, we will have to move around a bit more to catch a limit instead of just sitting in one spot, most days.  This time of year we usually spend the early morning hours chasing Bulls. After everyone has had their fill we then go to some of our favorite areas to catch slot reds.

The trout bite has been a little off with the higher river, but as it drops, which it is doing now they will push back in.  July should be a very good month for trout this year from the conditions we are seeing.  You can also add in Flounder, Sheepshead, Drum, and the occasional catch and release Jack Crevalle.

Capt. Damon McKnight
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    Fishing for Redfish out of Venice, La.