Fishing Seasons

Various species of fish have different seasons. Here, the Louisiana fishing seasons extend the year and stagger throughout the calendar year. The numerous open seasons give anglers two options: they can either wait until their desired catch is available, or they can use the open seasons of other species to try their rod and reel at a new experience. Sometimes seasons are open strictly based off of dates and other times they have an official start date with a pending closing date dependent on when the annual quota is met. Because of these fluctuation seasons, Super Strike cannot always guarantee long advanced dates for a specific species. However, you can always expect a great trip with a variety of available species regardless of the time of year you choose.

Check out each of the different species below to learn more about their seasons and the opportune time to plan a trip. When you are ready to get aboard, head over to our Contact Us page to send us a message with your dream trip details! And remember, there is normally always more than one type of fish we see caught during a trip. You never know what you might bring up regardless of the Louisiana fishing season!

Offshore Deep Sea Fishing

Our offshore charters have to be mindful of not only the Louisiana fishing seasons and regulations but also the federal seasons and limits. While this can sometimes be an inconvenience, we do appreciate all of the conservation and revitalization efforts that go into the determination of seasons, size limits, and quota regulations.

Inshore Backwater Fishing

Most of our common inland fish have an open season. Although you are free to fish them all year round, they do have seasons where they are more prevalent in legal size limits. Each species has their own restrictions on size, and some like the Speckled Trout, have a daily quota on the amount of fish you keep over a certain size.