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Amberjack Fishing Charters | Venice, LA

Did you know?

Amberjacks are sometimes called “sea donkeys”. Their stubborn and good fight lends itself to this nickname.

Amberjack Fishing: Amberjack has regulated seasons that typically range January 1st through May 31st and from August 1st through December 31st. However, these seasons are subject to early closure if the given quota is caught before the end of the designated season. These seasons are controlled by the federal government in order to ensure adequate population levels. Amberjack fish are currently under a rebuilding plan within the Gulf of Mexico which restricts the open season on their fishing as well as daily quotas.

Amberjack fishing offers one of the hardest fighting fish in the Gulf for its size.They are built for power and most people are brought to their knees while trying to get one in. Although the fight doesn’t last a very long time, the first five minutes are a test of physical strength for most anglers. They are excellent table fare and are highly sought after in this area.

To hook this fun-filled catch, we often use the technique of dropped weighted lines to depths of roughly 150 feet. For Amberjack, we often fish near rigs, debris, and wrecks. The use of live bait is usually the key to catching the bigger ones. However, occasionally do catch them on lures such as Butterfly jigs and Anteater jigs. The Greater Amberjack (the species caught in Southern Louisiana waters and the Gulf of Mexico) can grow up to 6 feet long and live to be 17 years old. Adults can weight up to 200 pounds, however they are more commonly found in the 40-60 pound range. Amberjack fish are have a fairly mild flavor and are often a tasty and meaty addition to any plate.

Fish we catch while fishing for Amberjack are Red Snapper, Grouper, Cobia, Sharks, King Mackeral, and the occasional Wahoo and Tuna.

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