Red Snapper

Red Snapper Fishing Charters | Venice, LA

Red Snapper Fishing Charters | Venice, LA

Red Snapper Fishing: Seasonal (June 1- July 20th, 2018 in federal waters)

Red snapper fishing offers one of the most abundant species in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. The limit on Red Snapper is 2 per person and they must be 16″ or larger. They range in size from 5lbs. Up to 30 lbs. Avg size is 15lbs.

The technique we mostly use is dropping a weighted line straight down to depths ranging anywhere from 25ft. To 400ft. Some days they are near the surface and others on the bottom. The bait of choice is either live menhadden or dead menhadden, cut bonita, or squid. Artificial is used as well, such as jigging, but natural bait usually produces better results.

Fish we catch while fishing for Red Snapper are Mangrove Snapper, Gag Grouper, Scamp Grouper, Cobia, Amberjack, King Mackerel, and Sharks.

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