Offshore Fishing Seasons | Venice, LA

Swordfish:  This species is somewhat of a new fishery down here in Venice, La.

Although they have been around forever, the new equipment for targeting them have made day-time Sword fishing very popular over the past couple of years . We catch them along the edges of the Canyon and on some of the peaks that are in depths from 900-1500 ft.

We fish for Sword fish year round. The limit is 1  per person 43″ from lower jaw to fork in tail. Usually, we will keep one per day due to the fact that some can take over 2.5 hours to get to the boat.

The Techniques we use are deep-dropping bait, usually rigged squid with lights throughout the leader.  We have electric reels for those who prefer to operate the reel from the gunnel and don’t want the fight, but we also have conventional tackle for those who are willing to take on the “Gladiator of the Sea”.  Swordfish fight extremely hard and have somewhat soft mouths so easy fish has to be fought with finesse and somewhat of a light drag.

Sword fish range in size from 20-300+lbs.

The avg. weight that is caught is between 130-200lbs.  Usually April thru November produce plenty of swordfish, although they can go MIA sometimes, they are usually fairly easy to find.

Our largest to date is 222lbs., caught in May. The largest to hit the docks in Venice, on a non-charter was caught by Capt. Scott King weighing one in just over 300lbs. They are excellent eating, and just one fish can provide most meat than most people can take home.

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