Super Strike Charters Gulf Coast Fishing Report

Louisiana Inshore Fishing– VENICE, LA

The Inshore Gulf Coast fishing this year has been above average for sure.

We have two things that have been in our favor so far. One is a lower river this year and the other is a lot of Speckled-Trout.

Usually out of Venice, La. the red fish take the headlines, and this year has been very good for fishing redfish so far, but the speckled trout have seemed to be everywhere and anywhere.  They are around the coastal islands including Breton and Gosier Island, they are also on the outside of the small channels leading into the Gulf from the river, and they are also in some of the ponds in the interior marsh.  When you have this many trout around, your going to catch for sure.  Most of the Trout have been coming off of live Shrimp, but artificial is producing fish equally as good most days.  The VooDoo shrimp with a chartreuse tail has been very productive this year for both Trout and Reds.

The Red Fishing as usual is as good as ever.

Most days slots reds are easy to come by, other days you have to work for them, but limits have been the norm so far this spring.  Most of the Red fish have been a mix of slot reds and Bulls fishing the cane lines and interior ponds. One fish might be 16 inches, and on the next cast 34 inches. So, right this minute it is very exciting for most anglers because your not sure what is coming next.  Natural bait has been the most productive, especially if the water has some mud in it.  When the water is clean artificial has been producing just as well.

Overall, it has been easy fishing as compared to last year.

The redfish are in all the spots they should be in, and on decent weather days the trout are easy to come by as well. We have been splitting the day up some fishing for Trout first then focusing on slot reds.  The Bull Reds will be easy to target on calm weather days as they tend to hang just outside the beaches this time of year.   Fishing is good and if your looking to get out and fish this time of the year is hard to beat.

Capt. Damon McKnight
Super Strike Charters