Super Strike Charters Gulf Coast Fishing Report

Louisiana Fishing Report – Venice, LA, May-2017.

The offshore fishing is as good as it gets this year. With the warmer weather we have had this year it has really made an impact on the amount of Tuna we have been catching.  When the water stays warm the fish stay put.

As we have moved through the Spring months the fishing has only gotten better and now that we are in early May we expect to see some incredible catches in Late Spring and Summer.

The Yellowfin Tuna of all sizes have been hanging just out of the passes, some days as close as 15 miles offshore.  Most of the Tuna at this distance has averaged between 25-50lbs. which is more than most people can handle in a days fishing trip.  If we venture further out, weather permitting, then the fish have been larger around the 40-50 mile floaters with an average weight in the 80lb. range, with some going over 100lbs.

Red Snapper fishing, which is a hot topic these days along the coast is doing better than ever.

The avg. weight we are seeing daily is in the 12lb, range.  The limit is still two per person, however, with fish this size, just two fish easily make a meal for 5-6 people.  The Federal Season for charter boats is open from June 1- July 19th, 2017.  However, State water red snapper fishing is open indefinitely.  We usually fish for these on the way in to put a quick limit in the boat.

Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish) and Swordfish.. These are going to be very plentiful over the next several months.. For those of you who have never caught a Mahi-Mahi or Swordfish they should both be on your bucket list.  Not only are both excellent table-fare, they are both a lot of fun to fish for and catch.  Both species will take to the air during the fight and both can be tough to keep on the line, so getting them in make it that much more exciting. The avg. weigh on a Bull dolphin is 25-30lbs. with the some of the bigger ones going 45+lbs.  Swordfish is in a class of its own with most of the smaller ones averaging 100lbs. and the giants going 300+lbs.

The fishing out of Venice, La. is incredibly good. There is no other place, area, or location with such a diverse fishery with easy access.

The northern Gulf of Mexico fishery is a day by day fishery, which means we fish year round and there really is no better time to go than another.  The best time of the year to go fishing is as soon as you are ready. We have 5 offshore boats to choose from and 3 inshore boats, so most days we will be able to get you out fishing when your schedule permits.  Lodging is available as well.

Capt. Damon McKnight
Super Strike Charters