Tuna, Swordfish, and Mahi-Mahi... OH MY!

In May, our captains were catching everything from tuna to swordfish and even mahi mahi!

Captain Bob brought in the mahi mahi on several trips and also brought in a few swordfish and many big tuna catches for his charter crews. His charters didn't have many lulls during their charters. They were always hooking up to something and the mahi mahi they caught had beautiful and vibrant colors! 

On the other side, we have Captain Scott grabbing several swordfish during May and he even had to fight off a few mako sharks from his tuna catches! His swordfish gave his charter crews a huge fight, but as always, he was always there to guide them on the best way to get their catch in the boat.

On another of the Super Strike boats, we have Captain Willy B  who has the tuna slayer title for May! The tuna flocked to his boat for his charters to take a chance at catching. He didn't only stick to tuna, also caught a few mahi mahi and a swordfish. 

It was a busy May for our Super Strike captains and there is no slowing down in sight for our summer charters! 


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