Another month is done and this May was one of the most successful yet!


May was a busy month for the Super Strike Team! With charters from 11 different states, we had great company and even better fishing. We picked our top 10 trips to highlight this busy month.


Starting with the inshore charters, Captain Chase hooked the Grey crew up with 112 pounds of redfish! Not too bad for a day's catch. At the end of the month, the Baldeschwiler crew from Texas caught an assortment of redfish, black drum, speckled trout, and flounder!

Captain Matt had two successful charters back-to-back with the Hymowitz and Luttrell crews. The Hymowitz group from California and Captain Matt came home with 123 pounds of fish on their charter. Full ice chests for them! Luttrell crew from Colorado hooked onto several bull reds for some impressive catch-and-release pictures before heading back to the dock with a ton of redfish and speckled trout.


Headed offshore, Captain Bob took the Pate and Jones crews out for some fun fishing in the deep blue gulf! The Pate crew from Alabama snagged two big, beautiful tuna for their charter. The Jones crew from North Carolina followed up with an assortment of fish, including red snapper!

Captain Scott took two different Jones crews offshore for some tuna-catching fun! The Jones crew from North Carolina returned with sore muscles and an ice chest full of yellowfin tuna! The Arkansas Jones group found a jewel during their charter! A massive bright red snapper! Red snappers don't get much more red than that.

Captain Willy B. took the Fowler and Hyatt crews out to search for tuna and came up big! The Hyatt crew from Texas lined the Venice Marina board with their 11 tuna. Back on the boat, the Fowler group fished for all of the colors of the rainbow, coming back with yellowfin tuna AND red snapper to line the bow! 


Come back next week to see how the first week of June fishing is shaking out!

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