Super Strike Charters Fishing Report

Mid-June Offshore Fishing Report in Venice, LA

The Wicker crew caught these Yellowfin Tuna on their first day of offshore fishing, June 3rd with Captain William Bradford!

The Hollingshead crew had an absolute blast June 4th on their offshore trip with Captain Scott King! They caught a bunch of Red Snapper and a Blackfin Tuna! Not to mention, a sperm whale stopped by for a quick visit!

The Wicker crew had a great time on their second day of offshore fishing June 4th with Captain William Bradford! They reeled in all of these beautiful Red Snapper!

Blake Reed and his crew caught these Red Snappers on their offshore fishing with Captain Scott King on June 5th!

Traveling from the Golden State of California, Tommy Levasseur and his crew went offshore for their first day of their fishing trip on Friday, June 5th with Captain William Bradford. They had a great time, reeling in both these big Yellowfin Tuna, weighing in at 160lb and 140lb, along with several others weighing at 80lbs!

The Benson crew, led by Captain Stephen Crews, went offshore fishing on Saturday, June 13th and reeled in four Yellowfin Tuna, along with several Almaco Jacks and Rainbow Runners!

The Starbuck crew, with the help of Captain Scott King, went offshore fishing on Saturday, June 13th, and reeled in these beautiful Yellowfin Tuna and Red Snapper!

Ben Fowler and his crew had a great time offshore fishing with Captain William Bradford on Saturday, June 13th and caught a lot of Yellowfin Tunas, each weighing between 30 to 100lbs!

Captain William Bradford took the Bryan Day and his crew offshore fishing on Sunday, June 14th! They reeled in all these beautiful Red Snapper and Yellowfin Tuna!

The Clemons crew had blast while fishing for Red Snapper and Yellowfin Tuna with Captain Scott King on Sunday, June 14th!

Jackie Jenkins and his crew had a blast on their offshore fishing trip yesterday, June 15th, with Captain William Bradford. They caught several Yellowfin Tuna and Red Snapper! Not to mention the bucket trick they pulled on one of their own!

For the third day of their fishing trip, the Teeters crew went offshore fishing with Captain Alan Balladares yesterday, June 15th, and caught this beautiful Yellowfin Tuna!

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